my inspiration

' visionary landscapes - evoking the essence of each place, explored by imagination.'

visionary paintings

Combing my love of travel with adventure I am captivated by wide open spaces, dramatic coastlines and the everchanging skies above.

My paintings are composed of an extensive photographic library, - a collection of cloud formations and textures taken from nature, - with hours of observing how the light falls across the landscape. The fusion of various elements builds the compositions of the paintings that tell stories of atmosphere and drama, -journeys created to invite you in.

My favoured medium is oils. Their creamy, luxurious texture and deep colour pigmentations are perfect for the various methods I employ when applying to the canvas.  Applied layers of coloured glazes ensure the final piece comes alive,  - just like a 'dimmer switch' of light in nature.

Kissing the Ocean
breaking waves_oilpainting_lauradunmow
Coral copy
oilpainting_closeup_textures_laura dunmow
Capturing Light
Drama atSea_LauraDunmow_painting
dawntodusk_seascape_painting_laura dunmow
The Golden Hour

“Your painting looks lovely in our living room, and has had lots of admiration since we hang it. I love how the cloud colours change so much depending on the light and how it makes such a difference in your previous bare living room.”

Thanks again - we absolutely love it!

Harpenden. Hertfordshire