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My detailed figurative and portrait pieces connect on a more emotional platform, with narrative connections, they are classically based studies. My land and seascapes are semi-abstract expressions, capturing natures dramatic seasons, some have applied textures or gold leaf for a contemporary twist. These are inspired by my own travels, vistas that convey a feeling of a place and time.


The Collections

May 2020

Throughout the year I create a series of paintings with themed collections covering various topics and styles, sometimes marrying different technics on a computer and sometimes painting straight onto canvas or wooden panels.

My latest works, 'The Skies Above' can be found in the gallery below.

The gallery below contains my canvas paintings that are currently for sale. These are updated on a regular basis. so it's always worth checking back month on month as when new works are created.

The Gallery

The Skies Above Collection

When you look to the skies and watch the clouds they take on their own majestic beauty. They’re constantly changing, evolving into new forms were only nature is able to create an ever-shifting range of brilliant colours from dawn to dusk. With infinite possibilities, clouds are an endless source of fascination and you quickly appreciate that there’s never one ordinary view.

These paintings, border on semi-abstract expression. endeavouring to capture these infinite moods and accentuate on their fleeting moments. With the interplay of light and dark, I’m creating textural references for billowing, shifting, or drifting skies to conveying movement, drama or even stillness. There's a suggestion of a horizon to determine a sense of scale and distance.

Blue Haze

The Blue Hours. Oil on Box Canvas

Size: 60cm x 90cm.    Price: £740.00

Purple Haze

Purple Haze.    Oil on Box Canvas

Size: 60cm x 90cm.    Price: £560.00

The Spectrum of Light
A Scattering of Light

The Spectrum of Light. Acrylic and Oils on Canvas

Size: 100cm x 100cm.    SOLD

A Scattering of Light.  Acrylic on Box Canvas

Size:60cm x 65cm.    Price: £550.00

Waters Edge

Waters Edge. Oil on Box Canvas

Size: 60cm x 65cm.   Price: £395.00

Original  Landscape Paintings & Still ife

Original  Portrait & Figurative Paintings

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