Land & Seascapes

Escape to faraway places with large open vistas and dramatic open skies. These semi-abstract paintings

capture a feeling of a place and time, - expressive of nature's dramatic seasons, with a spirit of adventure, - all inspired by my own travels.

So where will these take you?

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Portrait and Figurative

My detailed figurative and portrait paintings connect on an emotional platform. They often capture grace, movement and attributes that embody the depth of human emotions. With strong narratives, they are classically based studies set within various contemporary frameworks, - often adorned with applied gold leaf.

Still Life

These smaller still life paintings can enhance any space in your home. They can look wonderful as part of a shelf display, positioned alongside your 'objects of desire', on top of a fireplace or when hanging on a wall they can brighten up the smallest of recesses. Classical in their composition and style with subjects that display homeware, ingredients or just nature at its best.