The Collections

Throughout the year I create a series of paintings based on a themed subject matters and styles.

Appealingto a wider audience,  they are able to bengaging within the depth and breath of topics married with my various painting echnics. They centre on a series of various challenging subjects, so creating differences without repetition within a theme.

When concentrating on my figurative and portrait work, I'm able to connect on a more emotional platform, balancing between consistency and exploratioring narrative connections.

My landscape paintings are classically based studies, inspired by my own journeys to capture naturas dramatic seasons of a place and time. Some have additional gold or silver application for more of a contempory twist.

'Beauty in Ancient Worlds'


This body of work explores the diversity of the ancient world of the Romans and the marble bust. For me the classics will always remain an influential reference point, - a romantic vision for perfection, creating an idealised interruption for both human and animal form.

Drawing inspiration on a rich heritage each works are detailed observational paintings, conveying a period in time that is eroded with a slightly damaged, historical reference.

The additional application of a fragmented gold leaf background symbolises the era of imperial richness which once honoured ones’ status in society but now, with time has became damaged and aged.





'The Silver Line'


The silver line is a series of both land and seascapes. It represents a distinct horizon  creating the intersection between the earth and sky as seen by the observer. This sleek, yet sophisticated silver line adds solidity, purity and richness of contemporary playfulness within a classical painting reference.


''The Living Canvas'

Tattoos have their share of misunderstanding.

Over various periods of history they have even been banned beacuse in many cultures have been deemed too socially unacceptable. In others have conveyed great status and wealth marking their statements in history.

This collection explores the various ways in which we silently communicate our human emotions. Symbolic representations that we can't always want to put into words, but visually speak volumes, a permanent story of a truly individual piece of art.

The living canvas of story telling can convey a sign of strength, mark or hide a permanent emotional or physical scars or be uplifting tribute to celebrate ones’ love in life and happiness gained.


 'The Silver Line Contrasts

Box Canvas'

In addition to the series above I have created a smaller box canvas series that play with the contrasts of colour that nature displays through dramatic skies, cloud formations all set with vibrant, contrasting land and seas landscapes