One to One Tutiton

One to One Tuition

Step by Step

Whether your a total beginner, returning to painting or an improver that feels you have reached a plateau, private one to one tuition could be the solution to kick start your artistic journey.


I’m passionate about painting and eager to share my knowledge achieved by building on the traditional skills of drawing and painting from life. Whilst encouraging and nurturing your abilities, you can steadily gain the confidence to challenge any project with your chosen painting medium or selected subject matter.


This type of tuition provides you with a flexible and bespoke timetable of studies that can cover the following disciplines: 


  • 1. Observational studies in black and white that capture scale and proportion.
  • 2. Studying tone and how to represent realistic shapes and forms.
  • 3. Introduction to oil paints, their mediums and the skills of how to handle them.
  • 4. An understanding of colour, mixing, harmony, and it’s values for real-life painting principles.


All sessions take place in a bright and clean purpose-built studio that’s light, warm and comfortable



Using the 'Same Sight' method of observational skills, you will learn how to accuracy position, scale and proportion your image correctly on to the canvas.

Mixing of Colours

Laying down, or 'blocking in' the first pass of colour onto the canvas. Understanding how to mix colours on the palette and create the visual harmony within a composition.

Creating Form and Dimension

Working on each element to create depth and dimension in colour, studying what is a 'hard and soft' edge to marry each of the components together.

Hue, Value and Saturation

Bring the painting to life, understanding of colour hues, saturation and values. Final adjustments for your finished piece.

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My studio is a warm, 

comfortable and modern. It's north facing with natural light all day long.


I charge by the hour, so together we build timetables that suit your requirements, e.g. time of day/s and content of each study lesson.


For further information I

can be contacted either by email:

or by phone: 07711 719452

You will be inspired & amazed at how you can develop your creative potential, - producing paintings that you will be proud to show .