Laura Dunmow

Original Oil Paintings

Contemporary, Inspiring and Emotive

Lockdown April- May 2020

The Skies Above

A Collection of New Works

New Collection

 My studio has become my sanctuary, a place where I find inspiration without

any distractions.

‘The Skies Above’ is my aspirational ‘lockdown’ project.

I'm reflecting on the beauty of landscapes, harnessing this time to experiment and pursue creative freedoms and my work has developed a more, semi-abstract, expressive style

I’m creating peaceful visions that help transport you through a window to the outside world - places we now all long for.

Mini Gallery

Original Paintings

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original paintings



Still Life


I'm a representational artist, living and working in Hertfordshire. My figurative paintings breathing life on the depth of diverse human relationships, depicting power, action or grace while my landscapes are a representation of personal journeys, capturing the atmosphere and drama in nature and its seasons.

I work from my studio based in Welwyn, Hertfordshire, I continue to create an eclectic body of work, - with collections that explore various themes, always stretching and challenging my creative focus. My work sells through galleries, exhibitions and UK art fairs and I regularly exhibit throughout Hertfordshire and the 3 counties.

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